fast facts
◦ Born to a pair of high school sweethearts on the eve of his mother's birthday in South Philadelphia.
◦ His father owned and operated a car repair shop that he opened before Ryan was born. His mother mainly stayed at home with the kids but did odd jobs, like selling Avon, or watching other children from the neighborhood.
◦ His father passed away, unexpectedly, in 2010 in a car accident. His older brother has since taken over the "family" business, so to speak -- his older brother also takes care of their mother.
◦ Ryan is an avid musician -- he plays the guitar (and several other stringed instruments, ie: banjo, ukelele). He took up an interest in music when he was a toddler and it's been rampant ever since.
◦ Living in Nashville has been a longtime dream of his. Initially, he moved to Knoxville to attend the University of Tennessee, but relocated to Nashville after he graduated.
◦ Recently, Ryan got out of a longterm relationship. He's not upset about it but he's adjusting to single life.
◦ Currently, he manages a local divebar and lives in an apartment with his newly acquired (post breakup) puppy, Blue.
basic info
birth name: Ryan Alexander Colquitt
birthdate & age: February 11, 1988 & 27
hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
resides: Nashville, Tennessee
marital status: Single
parents: Michael Colquitt; father (deceased), Angela Maxwell-Colquitt; mother (49)
siblings: Michael Colquitt Jr.; brother, 31, Georgia Colquitt; sister, 25
pets: Blue; Pit Bull mix, f, b.7/31/15
PB: Theo James
WRITING: Third person, storybook, threads preferable, AIM is doable upon request, EST, random scenes/interaction/drama welcome (comment the screened post in his journal to discuss).
CREDIT: Codes by ~candace & edits by ~ame.
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